Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kick out iphone recovery mode on itunes error 1013

I did update my iphone 4 to 4.3.1 with itunes. You can have 2 options.

1 is online update which you just click on "UPDATE" button and let itunes download its firmware and do updates. This option may takes you up to 5 hours depends on your internet speed.

2 is offline update which you must first download the firmware into your PC/mac, then press SHIFT KEY + "UPDATE" button in itunes. It will then allows you to choose your firmware file to be update.

After update, I was surprised by error 1013. After search with google, got this link to redo fix it from getting error 1013. http://www.yoursn0w.com/2011/03/27/fix-itunes-error-1013-when-updating-iphone-4-to-ios-4-3-1/

At this point your phone is stuck on recovery mode. And itunes only allow you to restore instead of update. Restore is bad because it wipe out your data on the phone and setup it as a new phone.

What I did was, use RecBoot to kick the iphone out from recovery mode. After the phone reboots, it will starts installing 4.3.1 on the phone itself and then boot into usual usable mode with 4.3.1. This way all my apps data, contacts etc remains in the phone.

link to RecBoot : http://jaxov.com/2010/05/recboot-iphone-recovery-mode

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Correct way of activating iTech Clip Music 802 Mobile away alert

As you can notice that for the iTech Clip Music 802 bluetooth headset Mobile away alert feature settings. If you follow the instructions on the paper user guides comes with the package, the Mobile away alert can never activated. Its obviously a wrong instruction.

Printed instruction in English: Press and hold the VOL UP and VOL DOWN for 2 seconds for enable and disable Mobile away alert feature.

Printed instruction in Traditional and simplified Chinese : 按住調高調低音量按鈕2秒. In English which is "OR".

Both way also failed to turn on the feature.

After did a search on google, and found an E-version of the manual here. Which is a revised version and show correct instructions.

The correct instruction of activating Mobile away alert is by press and hold both MFB and VOL UP for 2 seconds.